Photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words—so please take a look at my photo albums to learn more about what our local host families and au pairs are up to during the year.
Fire Station Tour


Tour of Bethesda Fire Station, Station No 6 for fire safety and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention continuing education class

Downtown Bethesda stroll and Free Pizza at Pieology!


Met at B & N, took stroll down Capital Crescent trail with the host kids and lots of au pairs, then on our way to get some frozen yogurt found a deal for free individual pizza and soda at Pieology, new pizza restaurant on Bethesda Row

B&N bookfair


Photos courtesy of LCC Natalie Hendricks!!

Kickboxing Nov 30


Bethesda Boxing & Kickboxing Academy did a 1 hour free trial class for us!

Holiday Party photos


Celebrating November and December birthdays–Anna, Ceci and Alyne! Saying goodbye to Alyne & Camila!   White elephant gift exchange!

Bethesda Fire House No 6


Got a tour of the fire house and did our fire safety unit. The unit got called away during our discussion so we had to leave a little early!



February Monthly Meeting at Bowlmor Bethesda